Why YOU should see a neuromuscular dentist?

The advantages of Neuromuscular Dentistry

Traditional dentistry assumes your current bite is right for you. Neuromuscular dentistry goes far beyond basic dentistry to reveal disparities with the ideal relaxed position of the muscles of your head and neck.

Neuromuscular Dentist Dr. Ban Barbat of Shelby Township, MI:

Is highly trained

in neuromuscular dentistry, having studied at one of the foremost institutes in the world in neuromuscular dentistry;

has completed over 300 hours

of training and incorporated some of the most advanced technology available to help patients who seek an accurate diagnosis and optimal results;


and computerized technology to pinpoint the origination source(s) of TMJ disorder. These painless tests provide precision detail so Dr. Barbat can recommend conservative treatment options based on your individual needs; and,

is able to access

the condition and provide treatment that is often able to relieve associated symptoms permanently.

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